Final Project: Hackathon at SciLifeLab - for course participants and DDLS fellows

Start date: Week 41 (9th October 2024)

Join us at the DDLS Hackathon at SciLifeLab in Solna, where course participants will choose and collaborate on a range of projects provided by us. With the support of teaching assistants in a hands-on environment, groups will innovate and develop solutions in the dynamic field of data-driven life science.

The final week is a project week where participants will select a dataset and decide how to apply the skills and knowledge gained during the course to create AI models, analyze the data, and produce meaningful insights. To make it more interactive, all participants are invited to come to SciLifeLab in Solna for a week-long hackathon. At the end of the week, there will be concluding presentations for the teams to show off what they achieved during the hackathon.

Everyone involved in the DDLS program, including PIs, affiliated PhD students, postdocs, and facility trainers, are welcome to join the code fair. Participants will form pairs or small groups of 2-3 people on-site to work on projects, exchange ideas and experiences, and engage in pair programming. This collaborative environment will foster innovation and provide a unique opportunity to apply the concepts learned throughout the course to real-world problems in data-driven life sciences.