Computer Lab 5: Deep learning for BioImage Analysis

For the computer lab, you will be given a Jupyter notebook about bioimage analysis.

Colab Notebook Exercises

Please follow the instructions and finish the exercises in this notebook:

After you have completed the exercises in the notebook:

  • During the lab session, tell the lab teacher so he/she can go through what you have done together and maybe ask you a few questions.
  • Export the notebook in Google Colab by using File -> Download -> Download .ipynb, then submit the notebook file to the submission form.

Computer Lab Submission Deadline: Before Wednesday at 18:00 CET

NOTE: If you cannot join the lab session, please submit the notebook before the deadline, and find the lab teacher in a next lab session to go through what you have done together.

NOTE: For the seminar on Friday, please read the paper and submit the anwsers to the question sheet before the seminar, see here for more details.