Module 1: Introduction to DDLS and machine learning

NOTE: For the updated schedule, including date, time and place of lectures, computer labs and seminars, please see the schedule page.

NOTE: Before this module, we recommend you take a look at the prerequisites.

This first week is an introduction week where we give you access to the background material needed understand all of the other 6 topical modules.

Lecture (Tuesday)

In the lecture, we will introduce the course and the different modules. We will also introduce the concept of data-driven life sciences and the data life cycle.

We will also show you the basic skills on how to use ChatGPT to facilitate your learning. Here is the cheatsheet for ChatGPT: ChatGPT cheatsheet.

There are two assignments this week:

  1. Assignment 1: Finish before the computer lab.
  2. Assignment 2: Finish before the seminar.

🔥 New: The slides for the lecture is available here.

Computer lab (Wednesday)

In the computer lab, you will get familiar with Google Colab and use an interactive online book to learn the basics of machine learning. More details can be found on the computer lab page.

Seminar (Friday)

In the seminar, two main activities are planned: First, an introduction will be provided outlining the format and expectations of future seminars. This includes walking participants through the question sheet that will be used each week to evaluate the understanding of scientific papers. It’s a great opportunity to clarify any queries about the seminar’s structure. Second, project groups will share brief presentations based on their online research on data-driven life science topics, discussing two academic papers and an open databank for biological information. Additional guidelines for this assignment can be found on the seminar page.