Question Sheet for Seminar Papers

Your tool for understanding paper in a systematic way.


  • What knowledge does this paper assume?
  • Are there any concepts/terms that we did not yet define this week?

Aim(s) of the paper

  • Summarize the aim(s) of the paper in maximum 3 sentences.


  • What data is the paper working with?
    • What type of data is it?
    • How was is acquired (by which technique)?
  • Which analysis technique is used?
    • Is it well suited? Why?
    • Would other analysis techniques have been useful?


  • What key result does each result figure/figure panel convey?


  • What will this study be useful for?
  • Is it expected to have impact? In which way?


  • What limitation(s) are acknowledged by the authors?
  • Are there any other limitations you see that were not mentioned?